Baseball Forest

About Baseball Forest

Baseball Forest is an all new baseball gear company based in Southern California. We believe every player deserves access to the best gear, every year. We created Baseball Forest to make baseball affordable again by giving players, teams, and leagues the option to purchase, lease, or finance the latest quality gear.

Our Story

Baseball Forest  was founded as a collaboration between three close friends who believed there needed to be an affordable alternative to the way people purchased baseball gear. Players and parents simply shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars each season on new gear, only to see it become outdated before the seasons end.

Additionally, all players should have access to the best gear at an affordable price. As former players themselves, the founders knew firsthand the pain of using 4 year old hand-me-down gear while their teammates were playing with a new bat every season. It just didn't seem fair, so they decided to dig a little deeper.

 Baseball Forest was born in an effort to circumvent the traditional retail business model by engaging with customers directly and providing them with different payment options and services that had never been available before.

Today, Baseball Forest provides the same high-quality gear sold for hundreds at traditional stores, but with different purchase options to help make baseball affordable again.

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